Why You Need a Good Web Designer

There are lots of options for creating a website today, from do it yourself type web builders to hiring a professional.  Here are our top reasons why hiring a pro might be your best option!

  1. Online web builders are limited: you often have to choose from only a small range of designs, and there is limited choice when it comes to editing the design.  With a web designer, you can go to town creating a unique and specialised site just for your business.
  2. SEO: online web builders aren’t great from an SEO point of view.  Yes, they are improving, but they really don’t allow for the sorts of techniques SEO agencies use.
  3. Domain name: when you do your own site on a web builder, you are restricted to having a URL like webuildyoursite.com/businessname.  This doesn’t look great on a business card!  When you hire a web designer, you get to have your own domain name (much nicer)
  4. Adverts: online web builders often have annoying adverts built into their designs, which can be really off putting for clients and customers.  You get ad free websites when you go for a web designer!
  5. Costs: people assume web designers are more expensive that online builders, however this isn’t strictly true.  Yes you’ll have a larger initial cost, with some web designers charging £1000s for a bespoke site, however, online web builders are usually charged by the month, and additional charge creep in when you add extra features.  With a web designer, you have one flat fee, with online builders, you have a monthly fee for the lifetime of your website.  Should you not pay, the website will disappear.