Why Should I be Worried About Duplicate Content on My Site?

Duplicate content is an important thing to avoid when creating your website.  Duplicate content is basically any identical content appearing in more than one URL in search engines.  This might exist because a website has directly copied from another, or perhaps a single product on your site shares identical product information across several websites it’s listed on.  There are myriad reasons.  It is, however, important to avoid when creating your site.  Why is this?

When there is duplicate content online, search engine robots can struggle to index your content and may choose a different version over yours.  To prevent showing lots of identical search results, search engines will most likely show one version of your content in the results pages.  The final content displayed might not be the one you want!  You also don’t want your site to be seen by search engines as a Spam site – there isn’t an official penalty for duplicate content, but the effect it would have on the ranking is definitely real!

To avoid duplicate content issues, you should create unique content for your products rather than copying from one to another, use proper internal linking, remove any duplicate pages and use canonical tags if needed to direct search engine bots to the right pages.