What is Search Engine Optimisation Anyway?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method for getting your website to ‘rank’ for certain key words on search engines.  Essentially, the higher you rank (preferably within the top 10 results on a search engine), the more likely people are to find your site and click on it!  It is very important to have effective SEO practices in place to ensure your site gets the exposure it needs to generate sales and other leads.

SEO can be split into two types.  There’s the ‘blackhat’ and ‘whitehat’ techniques.  Blackhat techniques are generally frowned upon by Google, other SEOs and the internet.  These techniques are quite outdated and can be very unethical.  These can include buying links to your site, spamming blogs with links to your site, stuffing pages full of keywords and more.  Luckily, Google have what are known as algorithms which automatically sort websites according to how they are perfoming.  If google finds that your site displays some dodgy looking techniques, it will penalise you.  Normally this means your ranking will fall dramatically and it will be very hard for you to claw your way back.

If you use only whitehat techniques (good things!), you are more likely to increase your ranking.  Whitehat techniques include writing creative content which is relevant and interesting, which can be shared across the web organically (through bloggers, vloggers etc) and through organic and natural keyword placement.  Google looks for these indications when it is assessing your site.