What Does Good Web Design Look Like?

A good website should follow certain principles to make sure it works well and targets the right audience.  Here are our top things to look for when making a new website:

  1. The website needs to be obvious and self explanatory!  In order to make a website user friendly, you should reduce the amount the user needs to think in order to access it.  This means making your intentions, aims, products or whatever services crystal clear from the word go.  Reduce down the amount of clicking around the user needs to do in order to find out about your company.
  2. Allow users to try things out for free there and then.  This is important if your service is online, or you normally get users to fill out forms to register first.  This certainly puts visitors off, if they have to fill out a lengthy form for a service or product they may not even use in future.  Allow them to have a play about with it minus the need to register first – they may be more inclined to buy the full version!
  3. Focus visitor attention.  Images are more attractive than text, so make sure you feature images on your pages to encourage engagement from the visitor.  Our eyes are designed to instantly see and recognise patterns and motions, which is why advertising videos (although annoying!) grab our attention on a page.
  4. Effective writing.  The web is different from print writing.  Long paragraphs simply won’t be read online – it is important to tailor your writing down to suit the online audience.  Lots of short, snappy content which is quick and easy to read!  Use a scannable layout which breaks the content up into sections, allowing the user to scan through quickly.
  5. Simple is key – often the simplest websites are the most successful!

Hopefully these tips give some insight as to what to put on your new website in order to make it as attractive and user friendly as possible.