The Essential SEO Optimisation Tips You Need to Know

Basic SEO is essential for your website, and it will help you to be found by people looking for your goods or services.  Here are the top things to know about SEO for your future.

  1. Your website should be looked at in layers – there;s the content, the information architecture, the platform or CMS and the infrastructure.  Links, search engine marketing and social media all act as the icing on the cake, but your content etc is what makes the cake.  Without it, your cake is tasteless and boring!
  2. Know what search engines look for.  It is important that your content tallies up with the theme which is given, the titles and descriptions as well as the text on the page.  The site should run quickly and have enough content to link to other authoritative sites (and be linked to from other sites).  You need to provide a good user experience with easy to navigate menus and a low bounce rate.
  3. Search engines do not look for keyword stuffing, purchased links or a poor user experience – avoid these at all costs!