Magento or WordPress? Which Is Better Suited to My Needs?

Choosing a website platform isn’t particularly tricky – each of the main ones offers slightly different benefits to the user.  Here’s our handy guide to help you understand the world of web platforms.


WordPress is the most popular web design platform, mostly because it offers really beautiful looks alongside functionality like no other.  It has millions of plugins to use which add to the user experience and make your website more attractive.  It is easy to customise and we can build custom goods for this platform.  Facilities to add ecommerce elements for basic selling, which makes this a great site for anyone!


Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform, which can be tricky to build with but creates really great, easy to use shopping sites.  With built in functions for managing stock, invoicing and taking secure payment, it is our first choice for anyone hoping to run a crazy successful online shop.