How to Make Your ECommerce Site Really Successful

More and more companies are turning to ecommerce as a means to expand their retail empire.  ECommerce is essentially a form of selling online through a website. It is a great way to reach out to a wide audience and lots of younger people tend to do their shopping exclusively online for the ease of it.  Here are our tips for making sure your ecommerce site is a success.

  1. Do not rush the launch!  Make sure that everything is working, the SEO has been set up and you have made sure that social media and any paid advertising is up and running before you hit go.  This way you can be sure your site will function properly once it is live.
  2. Put your focus on your users – offer competitive pricing, free shipping and make the checkout process easy and quick.  This way your customers will be far happier shopping from you than a different site.
  3. Test Everything.  And yes, we mean EVERYTHING! Before, during and after launching your site, you want to test every little part of your site.  Invest in analytics to figure out exactly what is working and what isn’t.  These tools also tell you WHY something isn’t working!
  4. Work with social media.  Social media is a great way to get more involved with your clients, reach out to a huge audience and build a rapport with your prospective customers.  It gives you a great insight into the lives of your customers too, enabling you to cater for them better.   It’s vital to include social media elements within your ecommerce site, so that customers can share your content, like your products and generally give you a really valuable marketing boost!
  5. Be mobile – make sure your site is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.  Lots of people shop on their tablets and mobiles, so you need to make sure your site works on these as well as it does on desktop computers.
  6. Get on top of the SEO – hire a reputable agency to carry out the SEO for you, as this way you can be sure your site is not breaking any rules and will not be penalised.  It will also help you stay competitive and grow your business online.